What Happens In Las Vegas Goes On The Internet

Did you see any of the Hangover movies? Well, EMC World is not like either of those movies. But, we do have pictures—and a video! Unlike our heroes in Hangover, I know where I’ve been. It’s hard to forget a 16-hour workday spent in this whirlwind called EMC … READ MORE

Mark Prahl May 22nd, 2012

Transforming IT Application Protection Services with EMC AppSync

What if you could provide application protection with your end-user services? Cloud computing services conversations seem to focus on providing end-users with business processes and the compute, network, and storage resources necessary to support them. But, not as much attention seems to go into the operational business continuance … READ MORE

Mark Prahl May 21st, 2012

3 Not So Obvious Reasons To Go To EMC World

What about EMC World? It’s EMC’s biggest event of the year. And, whether you attend in person or not, you’ll hear about new technologies and new products next week in Las Vegas, in the press, and on the Internet. You’ll join more than 10,000 of your best industry … READ MORE

Mark Prahl May 18th, 2012

Operations Management in Converged Infrastructure

How do you manage operations in converged infrastructure? There is a great deal of discussion about converged infrastructures and reference architectures and which vendors you should consider based on your needs.  However, if you still manage your single-SKU virtual solution the same as your legacy data center, using … READ MORE

Mark Prahl May 11th, 2012

Faster Performance For Your VMware Environment

What if you could get faster performance out of your VMware environment? You’d do it. Stifling I/O bottlenecks, shrinking backup windows, and unplanned outages are commonplace concerns shared among data center architects rolling out their virtual data center and cloud. Virtual machine (VM) growth tends to escalate as … READ MORE

Mark Prahl April 27th, 2012

Will Software Keep Up With You And Your Cloud

What have your vendors done to get you to converged infrastructure management and the cloud? Not too long ago the industry was abuzz about this new thing called cloud. While the chatter remains high, a lot of us have gotten down to the knitting so to speak. What … READ MORE

Mark Prahl April 25th, 2012

Dealing With Virtual Machine Stall

How do you feel when you can’t take full advantage of an opportunity? Well, it is only human nature to feel disappointed. But, when it comes to business, it goes beyond mere personal disappointment when an opportunity is missed. Spending may be higher than it needs to be, … READ MORE

Mark Prahl April 6th, 2012

Fast Cache and the Power Path

What’s the connection between server Flash and storage Flash? Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about server Flash here at EMC. The EMC implementation of PCIe server cache or EMC VFCache makes for a very good application performance story. It augments EMC storage-based Flash (i.e. EMC FAST) for … READ MORE

Mark Prahl March 2nd, 2012

Through the Looking-Glass

What if you had penetrating views into your physical and virtual environment? It’s not as farfetched as it may sound. The ability to look deep across your dynamic data center exists today.  A few months back I wrote here about the management challenge and the need to get … READ MORE

Mark Prahl February 14th, 2012

Managing the Exploding Growth in Storage

Is your storage growth getting unmanageable?  In a global neighborhood that just hit 7 billion at last count, our planet is experiencing a population explosion. Similarly, our IT industry is experiencing a data explosion. Data growth led to a reported 60-70% growth in overall storage in 2011 with … READ MORE

Mark Prahl January 27th, 2012

Applications Have Gone Mobile

“Elvis has left the building.” It was a popular phrase to disperse crowds after Elvis Presley concerts and has found its way into colloquial American speech. Fact was Elvis had moved on to the next big gig while some of his followers just didn’t want to accept that … READ MORE

Mark Prahl January 20th, 2012
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