Snap. Tap. Done. Redefining Banking

It wasn’t that long ago that a deposit or withdrawal from your bank account required a visit to a brick and mortar building to complete the transaction. Back then, banking was inconvenient and time consuming. Today, we have multiple options when it comes to bank transactions. Internet and … READ MORE

Lisa Matzdorff September 25th, 2014

Goodbye Tape, Hello Data Protection as a Service

What would you do if you were backing up to tape, with 70% data growth year over year, and were not able to meet the allotted back up windows? What changes would you make to your data protection infrastructure to better support business policies and ensure compliance? Hear from Healthcare Realty’s Associate Vice President of Technology Services Robert Dillard on how he remains on the leading edge of technology.

Lisa Matzdorff March 11th, 2014
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