EMC officially acquires ScaleIO: Delivers on Flash.Next Roadmap! (in just 4 months!)

The EMC Flash.Next launch was just 4 months ago. The March 2013 live webcast introduced the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF, XtremSW Cache and XtremIO. XtremSW Cache continues to combine the performance of server side flash with the protection of an enterprise storage array. I blogged then that the difference was in the “Software”, that’s even more evident after this morning acquisition of ScaleIO.

Sam Marraccini July 11th, 2013

Inside Flash with Sam Marraccini: Episode #10: EMC World 2013 “X Factor”

EMC World in one word? Overwhelming! and more so every year. At least that’s the feedback I get
from EMC Customers. If you attended, you had to make some choices: What session should I attend? What keynote sessions should I make? If you missed the X Factor in the exhibit hall, you missed the details of EMCs Flash Everywhere Strategy. Featuring an XtremIO array, the X Factor
focused on the EMC Xtrem Portfolio. The X Factor Theater featured the details of the EMC Xtrem Family: XtremSF (PCIe Server Flash), XtremSW Cache (Caching Software) and XtremIO (EMCs All Flash Array).
I was able to capture one of the last theater sessions of the show; you’ll find it in this episode of www.InsideFlash.com

Sam Marraccini June 30th, 2013

Introducing EMCs Xtrem Team! (psst… it’s the software that matters)

Flash everywhere strategy as a single product family, bringing together Flash technologies from server to all Flash arrays.
So, what’s in the Xtrem Family? The Xtrem Family includes: XtremSF, XtremSW Cache and XtremIO. Of course, XtremIO (Previously Project-X) is a full feature storage array, built from the ground up with Flash in mind. More on XtremIO to come!
The bigger story today! XtremSF & XtremSW Cache!

Sam Marraccini March 5th, 2013
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