The Internet of Things, Modern Applications, and Driving New Opportunities for IT


We have heard time and again that the Digital Universe is huge – and growing exponentially. Last I read, it is expected to be 44 ZB by 2020.

So what has this to do with the Internet of Things (IOT)?

IOT describes the inherent connectivity of devices and products for telemetry, data collection, etc. and is largely responsible for this data growth spurt.

Simply put – sensors numbering in trillions, working with intelligence systems in the billions involving millions of applications will be what will drive data growth for the next five years.

Ubiquitous connectivity is having a very definite effect on how we live our lives on this cloud-enabled planet.  For example I jumped into my car late for work the other day.  While driving, it occurred to me that I may not have shut my garage door. As soon as I parked, I launched my home security app and remotely closed it. At which point, my Apple watch buzzed to notify me to get active after sitting for an hour in traffic.

Managing devices remotely has become so common place now that we don’t think about the cloud, IOT, or any aspect of the technology when we are using it.

So what is the business opportunity IOT presents? And how does it translate to value?

These are questions that many of our customers struggle with.  At EMC we don’t just engineer hardware and software; we also deliver solutions that give customers a competitive edge in their industries. After all, our customers’ success becomes our success.

I believe that the value of data is rapidly changing IT’s role from being a foundation supporting the business, to being an active critical component of business transformation.

Some great examples include:

  • A service provider offering mid-size retail clients near real-time analytics to deliver targeted coupons in their stores based on specific customer profiles
  • An auto insurance provider developing an application that works with a vehicle’s sensors and navigation system to track and analyze driving behavior to notify the driver of impacts on his/her future insurance premium
  • A utility company using sensors on a power plant, grid and meters to analyze the information and develop an application that allows customers to manage and optimize energy costs

IT departments have been transformed through this culture of ubiquitous connectivity, and the ability to leverage IOT highlights the tremendous value that IT provides to the business.  The scale of the opportunity is limited only by your imagination.

We talk a lot about “transformation” at EMC, and in my opinion, it’s at the intersection of creativity and analytics where IOT goes from ideas to revenue.

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  • Chandan Kapoor

    Quite informative and motivational!

  • Phil Collins

    Here\’s a nice example from the UK. Clarke\’s, a chain of shoe stores who specialize in kid\’s shoes are moving from mechanical devices to measure shoe size to an iPad app to do the same job.
    Of course, they\’re not just measuring, but collecting -and building a big database of children\’s foot growth characteristics which suddenly gives them either useful research data, or even a revenue stream if they sell that data.

    • Thanks for sharing this interesting use of connected devices. It reinforces my belief that such emerging technologies are here to stay and that we are heading in the right direction.