The Mobile Worker Movement [Infographic]


IT consumerization: Quid pro quo

Employees want to use their personal mobile devices in the workplace. And many potential new hires make this is a condition of employment¹. The good news? Companies that develop a strategy for supporting consumer smartphones and tablets stand to gain significant benefits.

Mobile consumer devices make it easier for employees to choose when and where to get their work done — and those conveniences can lead to higher productivity. In addition, research shows that workers use their smartphones to build customer relationships¹ and stay connected to social media². With the right training, each one of those always-connected workers could become a brand evangelist on the social networks.

The companies that adapt quickly to IT consumerization  — the migration of consumer technology into enterprise computing environments — will likely be better positioned to attract the best talent, execute business objectives faster and stay in touch with their customers’ wants and needs.

Mobile worker infographic

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(¹) Unisys. Unisys Consumerization of IT Benchmark Study. 2010.

(²) Nielsonwire. (2010, June 15). Social Networks/Blogs Now Account for One in Every Four and a Half minutes Online.

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