[The Source Podcast] Emerging Media: Flash, Compute, Interconnects, Apps and the Data Center. Hello 2018!


What is emerging media?  For years now, we have equated emerging media to “Flash Storage” and rightfully so; remember 2016 The Year of All-Flash?  As promised, Flash has fundamentally changed the way enterprise storage systems are designed, and to a greater extent, Flash has changed the way we live – whatever device you are reading this on most certainly has NAND Flash at its core.

But, as it turns out, Flash was just the latest evolution of Moore’s Law. While Flash continues to evolve: TLC, QLC, V-NAND, MLC Z-NAND, Z-SSD and 3D XPoint for example, we have just begun to scratch the surface.  Emerging media applies to other areas as well.  Who better to update us than the Vice President of Dell EMC Emerging Media and Dell EMC Fellow, Danny Cobb (@Dcobbweb).

Emerging Media applies to much more than just storage media.  The media evolution applies not only to storage, but applies to Interconnects, Compute, Applications and Application Development and the Data Center itself.

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