This place is Xtrem!!! on so many levels…. “IO Drag Race”


I’ve been at EMC for almost 14 years now, and I have to say I Love it!! It’s one of the most
dynamic, energetic and Xtrem places to work. The people I get to interact with… fellow EMCers, customers and partners are all incredible. I can’t say enough about everyone!

Every now and then you get the opportunity to participate in an Xtrem event! I had that opportunity during the EMC Xtrem Launch last week. I was able to participate in the “IO Drag Race”. Yes, I know. It’s all marketing. But, it is based on an actual test. EMCs XtremSF vs Brand-F… EMC XtremSF can produce 208k IOPS while brand-F generated 98k. Let’s talk reality for a second. How many IOPS can youn drive out of a single PCIe Flash device, whether it be, 208k, 1.1 Million or 10Million… that doesn’t translate to your application set. Unless your application set reads 512bytes at a time? Read the fine print and understand the IO patterns of your applications.

And remember, EMC has a full portfolio of solutions designed to extend the value of Flash technologies for your enterprise applications. XtremSF (server side PCIe Flash), XtremIO (All Flash Array) and the real value… the Software XtremSW Cache.

Check out the drag race!!!

Wow…. That is one scary Workload!!! Make sure you like the video below!! Great Job, Ryan!!

A Few Pictures form the DataCrushers Set

The City by the Bay

The City By The bay

Wired up and ready to go…

Chevy Volt wired up

Waiting for the Green light!!! in a Chevy Volt 😉


Waiting for the green light

Great time!!!

Sam Marraccini - EMC Volt

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