Twelve Years and Counting: EMC Continues to STAR in Service Excellence Spotlight


Here on Pulse, our readers are used to hearing about the latest EMC technology and how it helps our customers in their IT transformation efforts. With EMC’s services, we can help deliver the full power of EMC’s product portfolio.

Speaking of those services, EMC recently earned two STAR Awards from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) in the categories of Innovation in Customer Commitment and Innovation in Leveraging Technology for Service Excellence at the Technology Services World (TSW) conference. With 23 STAR Awards on the shelves across all service disciplines in the last 12 years, EMC joins Cisco as the only two technology companies to earn the prestigious TSIA Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award four times. Because the STAR Award applications are judged by fellow technology services peers, winning means recognition as the best in the industry by those that live it each and every day.


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This year we saw success in customer commitment and service excellence.

EMC team receives two TSIA STAR Awards at TSW conference.

(L to R) Steve Scales, Kenny Loo, Thomas Jberg, Debbie Phipps, Alyson Gravell, Kathy Kenneally, Ruya Atac-Barrett, J.B. Wood (TSIA), Bill Kelly, Mike Charest, Chris Scollo, Mary Cay Kosten, Mike O’Donoghue, Dave Matson, Thomas Pridham (TSIA).

Innovation in Customer Commitment – EMC’s closed-loop Customer Experience program drove long-term, record-setting levels of customer satisfaction and revenue growth across EMC. It enabled us to further strengthen our reputation as a world class service provider resulting in:

  • Consistent TCE (Total Customer Experience) and customer satisfaction improvements
  • Long term customer loyalty
  • Business and operational improvements within EMC

Innovation in Leveraging Technology for Service Excellence – The EMC Data Migration Suite is a tool that helps EMC deliver a unique trifecta in:

  • Steadily improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Loyalty scores
  • Automating workflow processes and significant reductions in customer resources, time, risk and error normally associated with data migrations
  • Providing EMC intellectual property to customers for free

EMC and the EMC Global Services team are totally committed to delivering the best possible customer experiences—and these awards reinforce that.

I’m most proud of what these awards represent: sustained, consistent and unparalleled service excellence fed by a customer-centric service culture. Our customers need the best service experience to meet their business goals. Understanding, responding to, and investing in areas that matter most to our customers are the keys to the success of our customers and EMC.

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Holly Anderson January 16th, 2018
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2 thoughts on “Twelve Years and Counting: EMC Continues to STAR in Service Excellence Spotlight

  1. Customer Service personnel should be extremely proud of this accomplishment over the past 12 years. In my humble opinion, this is exactly how we (CS) are sales enablers and continue to achieve our targets Y/Y.

    If we (CS) remain focused and stay aligned to our GS priorities and we will continue to come out on top!

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