Unite and Thrive: Introducing OpenManage Integration 4.1 for VMware VCenter


With the recent launch of our new generation of PowerEdge servers, we’ve provided customers with a bedrock on which to build their modern data center. These are also the first generation of servers created in the merger of Dell, EMC, and VMware, realizing the true potential of customer-focused design.

One of the biggest customer challenges is the need to adapt and grow their infrastructure as their workloads change. They also need smarter management and automation tools to help keep the process simple as their data center gets more complex.

OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV) addresses this need by bringing simplified management of the entire server infrastructure — physical and virtual — into the vCenter console.

By providing unique cluster-level hardware views directly within vCenter, the OMIVV plug-in simplifies the process for scaling and applying updates to multiple Dell EMC hosts in a single workflow.

OMIVV includes these essential capabilities:

  • Monitoring and alerting: Get extensive details for inventory, monitoring and alerting, and recommended vCenter actions based on Dell EMC hardware alerts
  • Deployment and provisioning: Perform “Zero-Touch” bare-metal hypervisor deployment without PXE — leveraging iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller
  • Firmware updates: Deploy server BIOS and firmware updates from vCenter
  • Hardware management: Access and renew all hardware warranties online via the OMIVV console

An optional OpenManage vROps Management Pack is included with the licensing of OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter. This management pack brings hardware objects, health and alerts into vRealize as objects and dashboards. It includes these great features:

  • Monitoring and alerting: Adds hardware health metrics, performance data, and events from managed PowerEdge servers / chassis into vROps
  • High-level reporting: Provides detailed reports and views of server and chassis information across the OMIVV v4.1 managed environment
  • Hardware contextual mapping: Maps physical relationships with vROps objects for simplified troubleshooting

OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter and PowerEdge servers are essential elements of the modern data center. Plus, our intelligent management tools not only allow your infrastructure to thrive, they keep things simple and secure as you scale.

Dell EMC also delivers OpenManage Power Center – the first server management solution in the industry to provide virtual (VM) specific power mapping. It enables you to determine the best placement of workloads and VMs based on power consumption within the servers and VMs themselves. Also, OMPC 4.0 enables proportional power consumption for chargeback, down to the individual VM. This means owners of applications are only charged for what they are actually using.

Dell EMC’s OpenManage systems management portfolio delivers practical innovation focused on simplifying and automating the entire IT lifecycle. For more information on the full portfolio, visit dell.com/en-us/work/learn/enterprise-systems-management.

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