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Flash, Flash, FLASH! Flash is indeed everywhere and the EMC flash strategy is clear. “Flash Everywhere”. Flash in the Server with EMC VFCache 1.5, Server Side PCIe based flash cache, now supporting Cisco UCS. Flash in the Network with EMC Project Thunder (Project Thunder, WOW, the early performance reports are “Mind Blowing” we’re talking “Millions” of IOPs, Much, Much more on thunder to come. And Flash in the array! A little flash goes a long way via a hybrid array, and what if you could change storage all together? You would build an all flash array with integration de-duplication, snaps/clones, and a full set of management tools and application integration (hello VMware). “Hello Project-X”

Last week I participated in the EMC Forum 2012 in Chicago, of course I had my camera (I think Cache Gordon made an appearance). I was in the process of editing that video when I ran across the latest episode of Chads World (Episode #15). The Virtual Geek is at it again, and this time it’s all flash, all the time “demo time”.

Cache Gordon in ChicagoCache Gordon Visits Chicago

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