Welcoming Spanning and Maginatics to the EMC Family


The more I talk to our customers, it’s clear that everyone has the same thing on their minds: the cloud. Private, public, or hybrid combinations of the two, customers are excited about the efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility that cloud offers. Whether for backup, archive, or to get more out of existing data protection investments, businesses want to get to the cloud. And quickly. 

spanning_logo-1It’s with this in mind, that I’m happy to announce the two newest members of the EMC cloud data protection family; Spanning and Maginatics. Austin, Texas based Spanning offers “cloud-to-cloud” data protection for applications, including Salesforce.com and Google Apps. Spanning extends EMC’s industry leading data protection portfolio, to now include protection for “born in the cloud” applications. These next generation applications are becoming more commonplace within the workplace, and the critical data they create is often beyond the reach of traditional data protection strategies. Spanning is available for EMC customers today.

maginatics-logoMountain View, California based Maginatics unlocks enterprise hybrid cloud choice and flexibility for EMC customers and partners while enabling unified data protection and management across those clouds. By providing a single protection namespace in the cloud – and a separate, single metadata DB across clouds, Maginatics enables EMC customers to extend their data protection architecture to the cloud with unified management and analytics across all protected content, regardless of whether it resides on-premise or in the cloud. It will also enable our customers to choose the storage cloud that best fits their needs, or choose multiple clouds based on their applications and geography with a single, unified protection management environment. Look for new EMC services based on Maginatics technology in 2015.

I believe that both of these acquisitions are a perfect fit for EMC and reinforce our commitment to you – our customers and partners – to protect all of your data, regardless of where it lives.

I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know both the Spanning and Maginatics teams over the past few months. In addition to cutting-edge cloud technology, I’m also excited about the enthusiasm, experience, and fresh ideas they bring to our business.

Please join me in welcoming the Spanning and Maginatics teams to EMC!

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