Windows 7 Drivers for Commercial Desktops and Laptops


The Windows 7 team at Dell is excited about the progress we have made to
get the OS ready for commercial customers and is looking forward to launch in just a couple
of short months!  Effective August 7,
2009 MSDN, TechNet and Volume License Customers with Software Assurance can begin deploying the new operating
system.  We have received many requests
from our business customers that we post our Windows 7 drivers so they can
begin testing and qualifying the new OS within their environments.

We've listened and recently, we have started posting Dell
Certified Windows 7 drivers at  where you
will find the first set of drivers for many of our commercial systems.  

Windows 7 Drivers - Latitude E6400

We will post additional drivers once they pass rigorous
testing and certification standards–please check back if there is something
you don't see.  For customers without dedicated IT staff interested in
evaluating Windows 7, check out Windows

Our services staff is also ready to help customers with the
transition to Windows 7.  We have a number of deployment tools and
services for businesses and institutions to make the migration from
Windows XP, which is what most commercial customers are running, to Windows
7 easier.  ProConsult
services that help customers understand how to best to deploy the new operating
system, along with determining which features of the OS will benefit your
business the most.  After
deployment, our ProSupport and
services can help administer and support
systems throughout their lifecycle.


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  • RohanDhruva

    This is awesome news! One question though – is it planned to have 64-bit drivers even for systems which previously did not have any?

    Case in point, my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop. The drivers available are only for 32bit winxp and vista – are there any plans to have 64-bit drivers for this, and other such, systems? I really hope that is the plan, because many users, even home users, are now shifting to 64-bit OS due to falling RAM prices 🙂